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Why should you attend my Video Editing Workshop?

I am writing this blog to give you a fair idea about what to expect from my workshops. First of all if you are reading this, you are already half way there proving your curiosity to learn more. 

Usually, those who teach in schools and training centers are not practitioners. It’s a different vibe learning from someone who is currently working with brands, artists, and more importantly active in the creative community.

These sessions are not just about money-making. I would probably earn more editing a video for a client in those hours. It’s about the community, the love and respect I get, the fun we have during those chats and QnA sessions, and also the things I learn from you people!

Sharing a list of companies and brands that have trusted me in the past. As they say, nothing speaks better than your work. Feel free to dig into my portfolio to check out a few really cool stuff out there I have created for these brands. 


What will you learn?

  • Is Video Editing a learnable skill? Ofc Yess!!!
  • Where to start from? Is youtube enough to learn?
  • Why is editing a crucial part of filmmaking?
  • Storytelling via an audio-visual medium.
  • The art of sound design and color grading.
  • A basic overview of Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Choosing the right music for your videos.
  • The role of your inspirations in your creative pursuit.
  • Using social media to get new clients.
  • The importance of personal and side projects.
  • Fundamentals of using any video editing software.
  • Creating the story in your mind before delving into the software.
  • Organizing footages in the bin the right way.
  • Sequence Settings for various social media. 
  • Using keyboard shortcuts to create your edit timeline.
  • Adding effects, and titles.
  • Color grading and sound design. The secret sauces to any good video. 
  • Export settings for various social media.
  • Basics of Aftereffects
  • Adding text and animating
  • Masking
  • Keyframing (The heartbeat of Aftereffects.)
  • Power of Pre-Comps
  • Selected Effects and their usage for Visual Effects 
  • Adding a camera and animating the movement
  • Basics of tracking
  • Dynamic Link with Premiere Pro
  • Export Settings 

Ready to ride the creative ride? Join one of my workshops!

Download this list curated by me just for you folks! These Youtube channels have been instrumental in my learning curve. I can vouch for pretty much every channel I have mentioned here. More such free resources are waiting for you in the live workshops!

If you are still not up for investing in your learning now, free to fill-up the form in the Workshops Tab. I shall notify you of the specific workshops whenever I plan to conduct them. May be you can join us later someday down the lane. 

Join my Video Editing Workshops

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