Digital Direction Graduate Show

Digital Direction 2023 Graduate Show, The Wondering (I) February 22 to 26, at Outernet London.

With projects shown through VR, AR, 360 video, multi-screen installations and performances, our diverse work asks critical questions, exploring the realms of identity, ecology, and technology. Viewers will be immersed in the politics of UK trespass laws, digital identity, plant decolonisation, climate emergency and local community action. Our human lives are lived alongside machines and together we embrace, reject and interrogate this.

A note for anyone having access to the whole archive of photographs of the Digital Direction Gradshow 2023.
Please add my Instagram handle with a mention of Photographs by Abodid Sahoo. With the IG handle @abodid.sahoo
Please try not to crop the watermark if you post them anywhere.

If you are using it in a blog post/ digital publication/ RCA portfolio site, etc, please mention Abodid Sahoo and the IG handle if possible.
Kindly redirect them to www.abodid.com if you have the bandwidth to do so in the digital publication.
If you are using a print, and do not want a watermark please let me know. I can edit specific photos to be used for prints and share with you in proper CMYK format/ high res TIFF files.

Please don’t use the photographs for any exhibition/ commercials/ advertising without my permission. Though the copyrights might belong to me, the people recognisable in the photographs have not given any consent for usage of the photos commercially. So for prints in books, magazines, billboards, etc, we need to discuss that with them and obtain a model release permission.

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